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Ship Management - Pharm Ltd. leadership turned to Pear Business to help ensure that the core elements of their supply chain were robust and agile enough to support, rather than hinder, their continued growth. -

Ship Management

Inland fuel transportation commenced with the M / T Doğan Kaman (3970 DWT) tanker, which was put on the sled in 1981 and put into service in 1984 under Kaman Denizcilik. The chemicals transportation with M / T Hacı Arif Kaman (3485 DWT) IMO II chemical tanker purchased in 1997, which was contracted with spot and time / charter contracts with Shell, Petrol Ofisi, THYOPET, OPET, ExxonMobil and Turkoil, and after M / V DOĞAN BEY were purchased in 2012, dry cargo transportation were expanded.

Our fleet started to grow with M / T Alev Kaman (3667 DWT – Double Hull) built in 2003, M / T Safir  (3659 DWT – sold in 2014) and M / T Aslı-S (1115 DWT – sold in 2012) purchased in 2006, M / T Azur (2609 DWT) which was purchased and renovated in Doule Hull in 2008, M / T Topaz (2655 DWT) tankers, which were completed in 2009 and  finally M / V Dogan Bey (12260 DWT) purchased in 2012 and MV LILA (12526 DWT) dry cargo ships purchased in 2014.

Kaman Denizcilik continues its international activities with its tanker and dry cargo transportation fleet.