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We are growing together!

Ahmet Doğan Kaman, the founder of our companies, started gas station management in 1974 in Adana. Ahmet Doğan Kaman, who started operating a fuel station in Istanbul in 1978 after Adana, moved his commercial center to Istanbul the same year. From this date on, fuel retail and distribution continued by adding fuel stations in the central points of the city and LPG stations after 1995 in cooperation with various main distribution companies, and LPG stations.

After that, with Termoshell land transport and the ship that was laid on the sled in 1980 and completed hardly in 4 years due to the conditions of those years, maritime transport was also included in the lines of business.

Adopting as an unchangeable principle that entrepreneurship can be successful with meticulousness and control awareness in every field, our group continued its development as the preferred company of fuel distribution companies.

Today; Our group which gathers its companies in the fields of fuel station management, land transportation, sea transportation and tourism under the roof of “Kaman Holding” continues to grow with its proud commercial history and more than 400 employees.

We are working to provide better service every day.

We trust our value judgments. In order to maintain this, we work very hard with our more than 400 staff. We plan how we can increase the quality of our services in a determined and focused manner. Our goal is to provide more innovative and better service to a wider audience.

Our Services


We serve our corporate and individual customers with our 7 fuel stations.


We work with large-scale companies with the breakthroughs we have made in both land and sea transportation.


We design and implement project organizations for leading corporate companies in their sectors.

Our Values

Honesty: Transparency in all our activities.

Reliability: Each of us is personally responsible for meeting our commitments.

Teamwork: To show a strong will in all areas of our business by cooperating.

Kindness: Courtesy to each other, employees, customers and the environment.

Safety: Kaman’s deep-rooted safety culture has been recognized by all of our employees.

As Kaman, we value our employees, encourage their development and reward their performance.